Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday Things

When one of my students reaches 50 Accelerated Reader points, our class celebrates.  I have a tubular bottle I've filled with sparkly beads and sequins.  These are my brain sprinkles.  The honoree comes to the front, and we all cheer and clap as I shake the bottle over their head.  With the other hand I sprinkle glitter on them.  They get to have a soda during snack time.  That's a really big deal to the kids because I only allow healthy snacks and just water to drink.

This really motivated one of my little girls, who only read independently when I said to read.  The glitter was all it took!  She began to read every free moment in class and at home.  She jumped into chapter books with a 100 pager not even slowing her down.  Needless to say, she soon earned her celebration.  Her reading scores have really zoomed too.

Today another one of my girls reached her 50th point.  She was very careful not to shake any of the glitter out of her hair.   I told her what the soda selections were and asked her which she wanted.  She said the sweetest thing.  "Oh, I don't really care.  Just surprise me."  I loved it!!

Speaking of loving it, I love that my new Hawaiian teacher-friend became my 35th Wagoneer!  Aloha, Corinna!!  I encourage everyone to check out her creative blog, Surfin' Through Second.  She is one talented lady!

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