Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Memory

When the first day of October rolls around, I always think of my grandmother.  Ethel Mae Hankins was born near McMinville, Tennessee on October 1, 1888, 124 years ago.  Years later she moved to Oklahoma where she eventually met and married my grandfather, William Ernest "Ern" Edwards.  The third of their brood of six children was my father, Jack Hankins Edwards.

Grandma was an exquisite cook (without recipes), kept an immaculate house, could crochet faster than I have ever seen, and loved and thoroughly enjoyed her grandchildren. Although she has been gone 44 years, I still enjoy such good memories of her.  Her last living child is my 93-year-old Aunt Tessie.  She reminds me so much of Grandma with her sweet demeanor and her big heart.

I'd love to hear your family stories about your favorite grandparents.  Leave a comment.

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