Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Teacher Tip

The other day I finished reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown to my class.  My class loved this imaginative tale about a boy whose bulletin board fell on him in the night.  He woke up a half inch thick.  He has an assortment of adventures well suited for a flat boy and one dangerous one.  He helped capture the sneak thieves, who had been stealing paintings from the local art museum.  He wasn't keen on his shepherdess disguise, but he was successful in helping to nab the criminals.

Each student crayoned a beautiful masterpiece and "framed" it with construction paper.  Then they designed a costume for Stanley and "hid" him on the picture, just like what happened in the story.  Below is the resulting art show in our class gallery.  Unfortunately, the picture quality isn't that good.

 Here is a link to the Flat Stanley books.

 Here's a link to Stanley templates.              

 Flat Stanley's origins

 I have a scrapbook full of Stanley pages I made from photos of Stanley, who accompanied my students, my friends, and I on various outings and vacations last year.  We'll be adding to it this year as they take him home for each holiday.  They enjoy plotting his travels on a map in our classroom.  Did you know  there is a free app for your phone that puts Stanley in the pictures you take?

Flat Stanley's looks have changed since the series began in 1964.  Check out his style evolution.  Here is a chat transcrip with Jeff Brown from 2000.  Sadly, Mr. Brown passed away in 2003.

What fun Stanley activities have you done with your classes?  I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. You've always had such a wonderful gift of bringing stories to life. These kids are so blessed. :D