Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Farewell

     It's hard to part with my little ones.  Today was sweet little Emma's last day before she and her family moved to Texas.  I had the privilege of having her brother in class a few years ago.  He was precious as well.  I was hoping to have their little sibling in a few years, but it was not to be.

    Their parents are a shining example of the support we teachers hope each of our students will have.  They made sure their children had their homework completed and went over the items they missed on papers I sent home.  They sent them to school well fed, well rested, and eager to learn.  They were always willing to send things we needed in class and for school events.  Mom always helped with class parties and special activities.  She even spent time at home working on cutting out or making things I needed in class.  They had perfect attendance when it came to parent conferences.

     A little piece of my heart is going with this family.  Their new teachers will be blessed!

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