Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tip

Parents:  Have you established a homework center for your children?  Having all the needed tools at their fingertips makes it more likely your children will pitch in and get their homework done.

Not everyone has the luxury of providing a nice desk and lamp in a quiet area of the house for the homework hotspot.  You can still gather their supplies in a plastic tote, which they can move to a convenient working place.  Tools will vary according to the ages of your children, but include supplies, such as the following:

 pencils, erasers, colored pencils, crayons                          
 scissors, glue, tape
 manuscript or notebook paper, graph or typing paper      
 dictionary, calculator

Some children work better alone in their bedrooms.  Others need the presence of adult nearby.  They might study at the kitchen table while you are preparing supper.

Some need quiet, while others use music  (not too loud) to drown out distractions.

A timer  may come in handy if your child has trouble staying on task.  Try time spans appropriate for your child's age, alternating study time with playtime, chores, or some kind of physical movement.  Two 15 or 20 minute sessions may be more productive than one long homework session.

Hydration  is important to keep the mind focused. Water please, rather than sugary drinks.

Homework is so important to give children a chance to practice the skills presented in class.  Setting the stage for study can help your children get the most out of their homework experiences.  If your child has difficulty completing homework assignments in a reasonable amount of time each evening, contact the teacher      to get some more ideas for helping him or her be more successful at home.

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