Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Things

Parents - It's time for your cherubs to start reviewing math facts.  Make a trip to the dollar store for some cheap flashcards.  Online sites, like,, and others are a fun way to practice these important skills.

You want your children to have instant recognition of the facts they were required to know by the end of last school year.  By reviewing their facts now, they will restore the "summer brain drain" that occurs when there is little or no use of math skills during the summer.  Check in to see where they start with their recall, and see where they are by the time the first day of school rolls around on August 13.   Polishing these skills before school starts will help your children plant seeds of success for the coming school year.


  1. Target has a ton of math flashcards, flashcards that they can write on with dry erase markers and some cute workbooks...and the good thing is, they are all in the dollar bin!! Every time I go in I stock up on a few more!!

  2. The Target dollar spot is a dangerous place for me! I always manage to find an armload of things I can use in the classroom.