Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday Meanderings

Last week in math we began talking about even and odd numbers.  To help them understand how numbers come to be called even or odd, I had them draw dots to represent a number.  If they can connect each dot with a partner, the number is even.  If one dot is left over, he's the "odd man out."  (My math specialist friend, Judy, gave me that idea.)  So that number is called odd.

Then I taught them a couple of rhymes I wrote to help them remember which numbers are which.  With a finger wagging a warning:
     Even Steven, don't be late.
     0, 2, 4,
     6, and 8

Using a dramatic voice and an "Oh pshaw" hand motion:
     Odd Todd
     He's so fine.
     1, 3, 5,
     7 and 9

Now, if we can just remember which digit to look at to determine whether a number is even or odd. .  .


  1. Great blog. Do you still have the other one, too? Louise

  2. Yes, my website is .
    I use it more for a resource for parents with spelling and vocabulary words, homework tips, class and school schedules, our community service project, and other information they might need.