Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Meanderings

The first day of school is exciting, scary, unnerving, happy, or all of the above for our students.   Sometimes for us teachers too. 

Today I read the book, First Day Jitters, to my class.  The main character struggles with not wanting to go to school.  The ending is a big surprise, and my students had to hear it twice to catch it.  Following that I had them relate to the book by drawing and writing about their back-to-school jitters.  Here are some of their responses--in their own spellings with translations as needed.

No wuns wust goeg to liks my    (No one was going to like me.)
I was skard that I wode not no my techer and I wode not no pepul ther and their were cids evrewar!
I was nrnse that the wrk ws ing to be hrd     (I was nervous that the work was going to be hard.)
I had jitters that I hasn't (wasn't) going to see ine (any) of my frins
I was scard of not being with my frinds.
I was hape (happy) to go to sakit (second) grade

Children's fears about beginning school are real.  It's important that we teachers plan that first day full of encouragement and success.

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